Still Suckin’ on that…

Still thinking about this electronic cigarette thing and how the Powers the Be are seemingly determined to undermine it. Here’s a few ideas:SCENARIO ONE: An American company forms an alliance with the Chinese manufacturers of the electronic cigarette, they build … Continue reading

Who are you, WHO WHO

Mirror-posted from my forum, Vaporist[new comments in red]Submitted to World Health OrganizationI must protest about the comments made by Douglas Bettcher in an article here:In it, Bettcher is attributed to the statement that, “The World Health Organization says there is … Continue reading

I’m having (gulp) good luck.


Things seem to be trending my way. Anyone who knows my recent history knows that that is a milestone all by itself. I have been too isolated for a long time and have been trying to arrange a relocation to … Continue reading

KUDOS!!!! NJOY Alternative Smoking Device

[mirror post from Kudos & Kudzu] I am happy to report that my newest purchase regarding my health has proved an effective and outstanding solution.I speak of the NJoy Alternative Smoking device. This was my Xmas gift to myself. I … Continue reading